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Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park is one of the world's most famous safari parks. One of the oldest game reserves in South Africa, the park lies about a 3.5 to 4.5 hour drive from Johannesburg and offers visitors the chance to see the "Big Five": lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, and rhino, as well as an astounding diversity of other wildlife. It's also home to bushman rock paintings and archaeological sites. Visitors can explore Kruger on the large network of sealed roads; organize a walking safari; or soar over the vast grasslands, gallery forests, and river systems in a hot air balloon. Accommodation ranges from basic campsites to comfortable lodges.


Among Southern Africa’s fascinating game reserves, Pilanesberg National Park is possibly the most accessible. Situated in the ecologically rich transition zone between the Kalahari and the Lowveld, this vast area promises thrilling big game viewing in a malaria free environment. A wide variety of accommodation is available to suit your needs.

Johannesburg / Soweto

Soweto is an urban settlement or 'township' in South Africa, southwest of Johannesburg, with a population of approximately 1.3 million (2008, Joburg archive). Soweto was created in the 1930s when the White government started separating Blacks from Whites.

Pretoria / Voortrekker Monument

The majestic Voortrekker Monument is situated in the northern part of South Africa in the Pretoria (Tshwane) region in a nature reserve. It is a unique Monument which commemorates the Pioneer history of Southern Africa and the history of the Afrikaner and is situated in a beautiful setting. The Monument was inaugurated in 1949. It was designed by architect Gerard Moerdijk. In the Hall of Heroes is the world’s longest historical marble frieze. A tapestry with more than three million stitches is housed in the Cenotaph Hall.




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The below list of tours is our absolute favourite. From the thousands of beautiful places our country has to offer these four tours are the ones we will always remember.

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  • Rhino and Lion Park

    Small nature reserve in the Cradle of humankind with a variety of animals including, rhino, lion, cheetah, wilddog, buffalo and various other antelope.

    Price from R2100.00 per person

  • Lion Park

    The lion park is home to lions, cheetahs, wilddog were you can interact with the cats.

    Price from R2100.00 per person

  • Elephant Sanctuary

    Elephants are gentle giants which we only understand a very little about. Here you can learn more about them and walk with them

    Price from R2600.00 per person

  • Anne van Dyk Cheetah Centre

    The centre has done a huge amount for the conservation of cheetah which is one of the fastest animals on earth. Come and see first hand how it should be done and see animals such as cheetah and wild dog up close

    Price from R2500.00 per person

  • Cradle of Humankind

    This area is rich with discoveries of early human exisitance. You will visit the Sterkfontein Caves and Maropeng

    Price from R2300.00 per person

  • Cullinan Diamond Mine Tours

    Come and see how an actual diamond mine functions and where the largest diamond ever found comes from. This is an active mine still producing gem quality diamonds

    Price from R2000.00 per person

  • Combination of Johannesburg & Pretoria 1 day tour

    You select 2 places from each city to visit

    Price from R2700.00 per person

  • Pretoria City Tours

    The Jacaranda City offers quite a few famous landmarks including, the Voorterkker Monument, Union Buildings, Church Square to name a few

    Price from R1900.00 per person

  • Johannesburg/Soweto City tours

    See Soweto and visit the home of Nelson Mandela, Hector Peterson Memorial and in Johannesburg the Constitutional Hill and Apartheid Museum .

    Price from R1900.00 per person(reduced from 2nd person onwards)

  • Photographic Safaris

    These safaris will be structed according to your requirements and budget, from birding to the big five.

    Price dependend on type of safari

  • Southern African tours recommended from 5 day or longer

    Experience a trip from Johannesburg to the Kruger ending in Cape Town

    Price from R24 600.00 per person(reduced from 2nd person onwards)

  • Kruger Safaris – 3 days or longer

    The world famous Kruger National Park is only 4.5 hours drive from Johannesburg. Depending on your budget you can choose from selfcatering to luxious accommodation. Longer version could include the Panorama route

    Price from R14 900.00 per person(reduced from 2nd person onwards)

  • Pilansberg Sunrise Safaris – 1 Day or Longer

    When dawn breaks experience South African big 5 and many others animals in a natural environment a mere 2.5 hours for Johannesburg and Pretoria. Spend between 6 and 11 hours in the park viewing game from the comfort of a 4x4 SUV.

    Price from R2500.00 per person (reduced from 2nd person onwards)


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